Rampit Front-end Framework

Created by the world’s experts in prize design and incentive engineering, the Rampit platform offers its clients the tools they need and the features participants demand. Informed by research and experience, the Rampit platform inspires participants to communicate, collaborate, and compete.


• Research & Data

• Additional resources to support their client work with project-specific frontend development.

• Strict internal guidelines and adhere to their peer-review processes.

• They had outgrown their front-end framework built around jQuery.

• Grow organically, without any bottlenecks.

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• We spoke with various stakeholders like designers, business analysts and front-end development team.

• We proceeded with holding a number of internal discussions and using the infamous Atomic Design methodology.

• We used the hottest front-end framework on the market - Vue.js, coupled with VueX - and this enabled us to build a modularized, highly extensible and flexible front-end component library which would then allow Rampit’s team to streamline their client work and minimize time needed to chase bugs and deal with inconsistencies.

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