Every single project we do for our clients goes through 5 distinct phases, offering a structured approach to undertakings large and small.


Project Phase 1





Project Phase 1

Discovery Phase

Initial Client Brief

We kick off every project by send our clients a list of questions which helps them put their ideas and goals into words. This becomes the basis for all future work on our side.

Questions & Clarifications

Based on the initial brief we compile a tailored list of questions and clarification points, specifically for your case, that we need to get through before we can proceed any further.

Work Meetings

The discovery phase is marked by a few work meetings that help us put all ideas together. Things like market fit, user personas and short and long-term business goals are discussed and iterated over, until we have a cohesive action plan.

Project Quote

This phase concludes with a project quote we send to you, outlining everything from prices, timelines and technologies, to options for maintenance plans and future discounts.

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